Common questions I get asked all the time as a PT and Running Coach is how many times should I run
and what types of cross training should I be doing?

There is a varied bunch of answers I would give depending on the distance of your event, your training
and achievements so far, your age, your lifestyle and goals.

However I have put together some helpful tips so that you can get started planning your week and get
into some great running habits.

Because this pretty standard information adjust tips to suit you and your situation.

This is not a training plan rather a guide to help you design your own. Remember many of the awesome
events throughout NZ offer a free training plan with your entry or if your want a little more guidance
and accountability seek out a personalised training plan from a professional.

  • Event distances 5-10ks 3 runs per week. Half marathon training you should be aiming for 3-4
    runs per week. Full marathon and Ultra 5-6 days per week. Remember this is just a guide and if
    you can get out for more runs that would be ideal. Its all about time out on your feet so even
    if it is just a short run around the block DO it, it counts.
  • With all of the above recommendations for amount of runs per week now try
    and squeeze in some cross training!! Strengthening other parts of your body is
    super important and in the scheme of things will help support your running. For
    example a strong core will support your back from the jarring affects of running. Strong gluts
    will support your legs and hips. A strong upper body will support your upper body posture.
    Challenging your senses, flexibility and balance will also help. So many benefits to adding in other
    forms of exercise plus it adds something different to your week.
  • Try and add in 1 to 2 sessions *when you are not training for anything or in a
    rest period in-between events amp this number up and cut down the running to 2
    times per week.
  • Suggested cross training – Pilates, yoga, swimming, strength building workouts,
    HIIT, Resistance and weights, group fitness, bodyweight workouts
    physio exercises that you are supposed to do haha
    Anything that is going to get your muscles moving in a different way including your
  • REST days – 1 to 2 minimum rest days no matter what you are training for!!!
    And when I say rest I don’t mean cutting out exercise all together. Active
    recovery is a form of give back to your body and frankly we don’t do enough of it. SO
    make the time and try some of the following – Yoga, stretches, massage,
    meditation, gentle walk or swim. When you are doing these focus on reflection
    and what awesome things you have achieved in your week

x Coach Maree

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