Hello Girls who run NZ if you are lacking motivation to get out the door for the long training run then this may be the help that you need!!

The best advice I can give is to get everything ready during the week so that there are no excuses when the alarm goes off on Saturday or Sunday morning.

Print this page out and stick it on your fridge if you have to and use as a check list.

  1. Prep your gear the night before – make sure you good running bra etc is clean and ready to go, no one likes running in a wet bra right!!
  2. Book in your running buddy and tell the world – ACCOUNTABILITY girls its a winner. You are more likely to turn up if you know someone is waiting for you.
  3. Mark off your training plan – get a vision board going or print off a training plan. Marking off each training will get you into a good routine and can be helpful for motivation.
  4. Set your alarm and DON’T push snooze!! If you need to put your alarm in the corner of your bedroom.
  5. Don’t think about it just GO!!! Try not to sit down as you get ready, have something to eat and head out the door. Keep moving your legs and mind.
  6. Plan a run that is flat especially if you are having a tough week. Getting out is better than doing nothing so adjust your run according to how you are feeling.
  7. Plan a reward for the end – meet for a coffee, get a massage, buy something to add to your running gear collection. Not every run needs to be rewarded but the long hairy ones do so treat yourself according to the challenge of your training run.
  8. Read up in the week of inspirational women or stories!!! Get inspired and fired up about your own running journey girls!!

That long weekend run just like the midweek runs should be a habit (or heading that way). It will take time and commitment for this to seem like a normal activity in your week so be kind to yourself. Think that you are going to gain the most mentally and physically from these long horrid runs.

Change the name of your LONG run to STRONG run and you may have a different approach to it.

Plan during your week, put some good habits is place and don’t stress on it YOU GOT THIS!!

Coach Maree x

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